Day #279 (Sat., Oct. 9, 2010) – Sharp Little Eyes

When I woke up this morning my wife was in the nursery with little Katie. I went in and started to play with her. She likes it when you play little games, like touching her leg and pulling your hand away very quickly.

2010-10-09 - Baby Blouses
2010-10-09 - Baby Blouses

Little Katie got up from her nap at 3:30pm and since 6:00pm we have been trying to put her to bed. It’s now 8:00pm and our little chipmunk is up and running! Like the energizer bunny she just won’t stop.

We had another Skype session with my mother this afternoon. When I brought out the telephone to call her little Katie could hardly contain her delight.

The photo to the left shows some of the blouses that little Katie is wearing these days.

There is some lettering on one of the background sections of the Little People Zoo that I never noticed before…but little Katie found it today. It’s amazing how sharp her eyes are. She is constantly finding little specks and dots of “thinks” to play with and try to consume…

1) Little Katie sure has sharp little eyes…