Day #283 (Wed., Oct. 13, 2010) – Our New Camera

Little Katie was sleeping when I left for work this morning. That’s a good thing. If little Katie is sleeping that means that my wife can get some sleep, and all is well…

2010-10-13 - Strange Tree
2010-10-13 - Strange Tree

We got our new camera in the mail today. It’s a Sony, and it has all sorts of “bells and whistles”. Nice big viewfinder and more megapixels than our old camera. It even has a zoom. For $100 it’s almost a no-brainer to get it… We’re wondering whether we will keep the old camera in the stroller or in the car. It’s nice to have a camera around for those “once in a lifetime pictures” that come along once in a while… 🙂

Take a look at the picture to the left. Any ideas what sort of a tree that is? It sure is pretty…and unusual. My wife snapped this photo when she was out on a stroll with little Katie.

The State Fair starts tomorrow. Won’t be long before I’ll be taking little Katie down there to see the various animals and go on a few rides. I really don’t like the crowds that much, but I suppose that excepts to the rule are what kids are for.

This evening little Katie and I watched a bit of the cartoon “Go, Diego, Go”. We don’t let her watch television much, but a bit from time-to-time. In this episode they were saving four baby condors…very “green”. It’s amazing how she will just stare in fascination at a cartoon…

1) We got our new camera in the mail today. Little Katie will look so much “crisper” as it has more mexapixels.