Day #293 (Sat., Oct. 23, 2010) – The Savings Fund

Today was a busy day in our household. We started off planning to get another baby gate for the end of our hallway and ended up getting so much more.

2010-10-23 - Play DoNutsWe stopped off at Kid-To-Kid in Apex to see if they had any baby gates…they did not…but what a “stash” of stuff we ended up carting away. One of the “toys” that they were selling at Kid-2-Kid is shown in the photo to the left…a six-pack of doughnuts. I’m not sure we would want to make a toy out of these things…little Katie will get to know all about them all too soon…

My wife was telling me how much we saved off the original retail price and I said that we should keep track of these savings. We decided that we would put any difference in the amounts in some sort of a savings fund for little Katie. In this way we will not only be teaching her the value of purchasing good quality things at less than retail value, but we will be able to show her how the little bit extra money that is saved can “mushroom” over time. Time is on her side for her little investments to grow big.

1) We are going to set up some sort of a savings fund for little Katie.