Day #294 (Sun., Oct. 24, 2010) – A Busy Shopping Day

I was hoping to get to the grocery store last night but it was not too be. The end result is that I have a lot of errands to run today. So, let’s get started.

First stop was Lowe’s where I checked out the various baby/toddler mats. We need something for little Katie as her playyard is over laminate flooring and if she falls over backward or trips she could hit her head. We need something to soften the blow. I saw some multi-color jigsaw type playmats that my wife and I think might do the trick.

The next stop was Target where I picked up a baby gate for the end of the hallway. As it turns out it is not sturdy enough so I will have to return it. I also picked up a big blue inflatable ball for little Katie. She has a lot of toys but no big balls…so we are hoping that she will enjoy playing with it in the hallway.

2010-10-24 - HalloweenWholefoods for organic cottage cheese and yogurt for Katie and Trader Joe’s for food for the “rest of the house” was next.

This afternoon we went for a drive around the neighborhood (little Katie fell asleep in the back seat) and saw a number of Halloween decorations (see photo to the left). Hard to believe that next Sunday it will be on in “full force”. We’ve got to get cracking on making that costume for little Katie.

I did some investigation on those jigsaw playmats. Amazon has a deal on them at 50% off…but we were to later find out that this did not include shipping (making the whole package rather expensive). Something did come out of this online investigation though. One of the customers left a comment saying how much better the playmats were at Sam’s Club. I’ll check them out tomorrow on the way home from work.


1) We’ve got to get cracking on that Halloween costume for Little Katie. We have the idea…now we need to create it…