Day #296 (Tue., Oct. 26, 2010) – Playyard Catnap

My wife put some jigsaw playmats down under the playyard. Little Katie really likes the bright colors. She crawled from one end of the playyard to get a feel for her new surroundings.

2010-10-26 - Playyard Support
2010-10-26 - Playyard Support

I was beat when I got home this evening. Little Katie had been fussy all day, so it was time for daddy to watch over her. I played with her for a bit, but when I got real tired I tried to leave the playyard. Little Katie would have nothing to do with it…she cried and screamed. I decided that I would take my blanket and pillow and take a nap in the playyard. The jigsaw mats that my wife put down last night (see photo to the right) provided a bit of extra “sleeping” padding over the laminated flooring. Little Katie calmed down just to have me there and I managed to catch a bit of a catnap as well…

1) Little Katie loves her jigsaw playmats.