Day #299 (Fri., Oct. 29, 2010) – First Grocery Racing Cart

Today is the last day of the 200’s…day #299 since little Katie was born. My oh my how time flies! Little Katie got up just once last night! At around 2:30 or so. And then slept until 7:30! She is really funny today – roaring like a lion, laughing, and seems really happy.

Who could have ever thought that two little striped socks in the playyard can bring so much joy to little Katie? She was roaring from joy, banging them together and shaking them. She was really a blessing today – played happily in the playyard.

Today Katie got to wear her mittens for the first time. I was shocked by her reaction – it was non-existent!!! It took her 20 minutes to even take a look at them. She tried sucking on them, but didn’t like that. Good! I hope she’ll be better with mittens than she is with her socks. Maybe she liked to have warm hands?

I don’t know what to say… Katie got tired, so I put her to bed. She was happily chatting in her crib when suddenly I heard a laugh. I went to check on her and she was sitting in the crib and laughing laud! I have no idea why… But it was really funny. Of course, her crib was pushed away from the wall… She didn’t seem tired anymore. I put Katie into her playyard and she is having lots of fun there – screaming, laughing, talking, pushing buttons, roaring at her socks, kicking things… I just found that she ripped off paper of the big “Farm book” cover… 🙁

When little Katie is playing now you can see her try to get up on her feet. She is still a bit awkward and gives up after a bit…but at least she is trying.

This evening my wife and I decided we would go out to eat. We went to a local restaurant down the road, but it was very busy so we left. I carried little Katie in and when we abruptly left did she ever act up. She started to cry and scream…we were taking her away from all the fun she was about to have! Is she ever a social little animal…

2010-10-29 - Grocery Cart Car
2010-10-29 - Grocery Cart Car

We soon arrived at Moe’s and my wife took little Katie to a table to feed her and I went to purchase and pick up the food. Little Katie enjoyed herself this time. I gave her a plastic salsa cup to “munch” on… A man and woman at the table next to us started to make faces and gestures to get little Katie’s attention…she liked that. As another woman was leaving she stopped and said that little Katie was gorgeous… That seems to happen a lot.

The next stop was to Harris-Teeter, and little Katie got to ride in her first grocery cart shaped like a racing car (see photo to the left). She even made friends with the cashier…

We went to Harris-Teeter to check out the baby food…there is just so much to choose from these days. We want to experiment and see what little Katie likes/hates before we take our first long trip on an airplane. We don’t want to have to find out the hard way that she dislikes something.

1) Little Katie is becoming a real social animal.