Day #306 (Fri., Nov. 5, 2010) – Little Katie Eyes the Roomba

My wife ran her Roomba in the playyard this afternoon. I guess that little Katie was fascinated by it. Who wouldn’t be? It has sensors and lights and moves back and forth according to a little computer. Just the device to fascinate a little chipmunk.

2010-11-05 - Bathroom HeaterThis evening I was playing with little Katie in the playyard and she started to stuff a whole book into her mouth. She didn’t quite make it, but she sure tried. Quite the skill to put on your resume…

We have a new bathroom heater (see photo to the left). My wife is concerned that little Katie might catch a cold when she bathes her this winter. To rectify the situation we have this new heater. It’s very time so you can put it anywhere you want it. Now little Katie can soak and play with her bathroom toys in toasty warmth.

As my wife picked up little Katie this evening to feed her she stood on her toes and started to walk a bit. Of course she looked back at me to see if I was watching (and providing my approval). She will be walking before you know it.

Little Katie is getting more and more talkative. She seems to want to interact and communicate with us. Of course a “roar” will still come out from time-to-time…

1) Little Katie eyes the Roomba.