Day #309 (Mon., Nov. 8, 2010) – Modified “Hide And Seek”

What can I possibly say about last night. Little Katie was very fussy and was up and down throughout the night. My wife sent me some emails regarding it and I will just relay them…


11:17 PM – still up and running…

11:40 PM – finally!!!!!!!!!!! Good night..

2:10 AM – up, 4:00 AM – up…

Yes, saying that I am tired would be an underestimation. 😉 Obviously, Katie is pretty fussy – she didn’t get much sleep either… Even in the morning she didn’t want to play and wanted me to be with her. Usually that happens only later in the day. She was rubbing her eyes, so I just put her to bed – we’ll see… It’s a little bit too early, but she is so fussy that I thought I’d try.


2010-11-08 - Barn Noises
2010-11-08 - Barn Noises

Little Katie likes to play “hide and seek”…at least her version of it. I will run down the hallway and stand behind the wall and peek out at her. She will cackle once she sees what’s up and come to get me. Once she sees me I will pretend to chase after her and she will turn and crawl away with a big smile on her face. Once I catch her and give her a kiss the whole process starts over again.

The photo to the left shows the set up for another game that little Katie loves. If I push down on the pig the barn will emit an “oink oink” sound. Little Katie wants to hear the theme music for “Old McDonald Had A Farm”, so she will depress the brown square in the middle of the barn. If it push down on the pig again her music will stop. She will respond by clicking on the brown square…then me the pig, then her the brown square. She never seems to get tired of this little game.

I cleaned up little Katie’s playyard this evening. My wife says that if it is clean little Katie will spend a good hour going from “toy to toy” and examining every piece. If it is not organized then she will just get lost in all the “stuff” and need your attention much sooner.

1) Little Katie loves our modified version of “Hide and Seek”.