Day #314 (Sat., Nov. 13, 2010) – Lawrence Welk

2:55am – We just put little Katie to bed. She was up and playing in our bedroom for a bit. She likes to take my new alarm clock out of the box and put it back in. She started to rub her eyes so that’s the time to attempt the “trip to the nursery”. It’s quieting down now so my wife just went to bed.

2010-11-13 - Yogurt Mustache
2010-11-13 - Yogurt Mustache

My wife was up for a good deal of the night so she went for a nap this morning and I was on chipmunk duty. We called my mother up (and did a Skype as well later on in the day). Little Katie sure loves to get her hands on that cordless phone.

I took little Katie for a stroll around the lake this afternoon. She was looking and staring at everything in her path. She is such a curious little chipmunk.

The photo to the right proves that food does not always hit it’s mark when it comes to little Katie. Yogurt mustache anyone?

I happened to have old reruns of the Lawrence Welk Show on TV this evening and little Katie was fascinated by it. I took some video of her staring through the playyard and swaying to the music. Who knows…we might have a future dancing queen on our hands.

1) Little Katie loves the Lawrence Welk Show.