Day #315 (Sun., Nov. 14, 2010) – Gum From The Mouth

Little Katie has ears like a hawk. She can hear the train sounding off in the distance and will acknowledge it with a “ta”.

This afternoon we went to Subway for lunch (i.e.: $5.00 footlong) with our little chipmunk in tow. She ate her bottles of mush (a lot…she started eating before us and we finished before she did) at the same time and proceeded to play with a straw til it fell on the ground. Then to 1/2 of the wrapper, then to the other half of the wrapper, then to a plastic cup, then to another straw. Of course we had to clean up after her before we left.

2010-11-14 - New Shoes
2010-11-14 - New Shoes

We then went to Michael’s to see the arts & crafts supplies, then to “Kid to Kid” to check out the various toys and clothes. My wife wanted to pick up a pair of shoes for little Katie to wear at the Lithuanian Christmas Party. We found some…see photo to the right.

It appears that the days when little Katie was timid around strangers have passed. While we were shopping at “Kid to Kid” today the sales lady was chewing on some gum with her mouth open. I guess that little Katie thought to herself “what’s that”? or perhaps she thought it was a game. At any rate, she saw this orange object and put her fingers into the lady’s mouth to take it out. The lady was a bit shocked…it’s not everyday that someone sticks fingers into your mouth.

1) Little Katie is lightning fast…she can put fingers in someone’s mouth before she can react to it.