Day #317 (Tue., Nov. 16, 2010) – Standing At the Playyard Gate

My wife sent me an email at work stating that little Katie started chewing on her crib… Given her inclination to munch on “anything and everything”, I guess that is to be expected. My wife ordered a teether-rail protector. Hopefully there will be some of the crib left by Thursday when the shipment arrives…

2010-11-16 - Mittens from Lithuania
2010-11-16 - Mittens from Lithuania

Our little chipmunk slept for 2 hours in the afternoon. She is very tired today, and tends to be that way when it is raining outside.

The photo to the left shows some of the woolen goods that we got in the package from Lithuania. Those little mittens have flaps that open to expose fingers. Little Katie will find these real handy (pardon the pun) if she goes to Canada for Christmas.

I put the diaper boxes in little Katie’s playyard up on the end so that she could stand up on them. They are the correct height, but unstable. I’m planning on getting a bigger box from the garage this weekend for little Katie to use.

This evening little Katie stood up at the gate on her playyard for the first time. She didn’t need any help getting up, or staying up. She held onto the gate until her little legs could hold her up no more.

10:30 pm – Chipmunk is still up and running, standing up in the crib, screaming, etc
I got a bright idea to try and feed her. She happily ate some yogurt. It’s 10:53PM, I just put Katie to bed again and hope she will sleep soon..

1) Little Katie can stand up at the playyard gate now.