Day #320 (Fri., Nov. 19, 2010) – Preventative Drive

My wife sent me an email at work this afternoon. Little Katie was supposed to go to bed at 3:30pm and she had her potatoes ready when she had a massive #2 requiring a good bath at around 3:20pm. So – I decided to try a method of one mother who said that her kids eat the best while having a bath. I took all food into the bathroom, got the bath ready and tried it out! It actually worked! Katie finished her potatoes and some apple-apricot puree too. She even got to try drinking water from a real cup. Katie is not good at holding a cup yet… 🙂 Now it’s 4:05pm and she is chatting in her crib – I hope she will sleep…

I thought we would try something new this evening. My wife told me how relaxed little Katie is when they come back from their morning stroll. I thought I would apply this same technique to her in the evening. If she gets out and about perhaps she will be less fussy in the evening, and more inclined to sleep when the time comes. As such, we went out to eat and see the sights. A “preventative” drive if you will.

2010-11-19 - Playing Cards Before
2010-11-19 - Playing Cards Before

We ended up at Moe’s for dinner. Little Katie was the star attraction (as usual). Everyone wants to smile and talk with her. A lady from West Virginia actually stopped to ask us where we got the bonnet for little Katie.

Next stop was to Harris-Teeter to get some groceries. Little Katie got to drive in the big blue grocery cart that resembles a car. We picked up a package of playing cards for little Katie (see photo to the left). Paper cards would not last long, but since these particular ones are plastic-coated…so they should be able to withstand “chipmunk saliva”…at least for a bit…

Did the experiment work? It’s 9:22pm and little Katie is playing in the playyard. Time will tell…

10:30pm – Little Katie is asleep. No problem whatsoever. Looks like the “preventative drive” did the trick.

1) Little Katie is not fussy when we go on a “preventative drive”.