Day #323 (Mon., Nov. 22, 2010) – Little Katie’s New Sounds

My wife took little Katie to the pool/park area down the road and little Katie had her lunch there.

2010-11-22 - Toy Boat
2010-11-22 - Toy Boat

When I came home this evening little Katie was having a bath. She was splashing about and making quite the mess. The photo to the right shows one of her latest toys…a toy boat. It’s a bit too large for her to play with in the tub…the playyard will have to suffice.

My wife and I both noticed that little Katie is talking a lot more and producing vastly different sounds. She still says “ta” of course, but as added to this the sounds of “Scheee” (in which her mouth is open wide and you can see her new teeth in all their glory) and “Baa Baa Baa” in which she purses her lips. I wonder what she is trying to communicate to us?

1) Little Katie is making vastly different sounds these days.