Day #330 (Mon., Nov. 29, 2010) – Stuff On The Head

Little Katie loves the sounds of jet aircraft and trains. She can hear them outside…even before we do…and when she does she will acknowledge them with a “ta”.

2010-11-29 - Poor Flyer
2010-11-29 - Poor Flyer

Little Katie was eating this evening and I wrapped myself up in a blanket and sat on the lazy boy. She thought that was so funny…she laughed and laughed. It’s interesting to see what she thinks is funny. She also finds it funny when I put something on my head…whether a toy or a sock or a “whatever”…

See the photo to the left? I’m not sure if you can make it out, but just above the baby in the lower-left corner there is a section missing. Such is the tell-tale sign that you have a hungry little chipmunk running around. The little bits and pieces will make their way to the mouth. You have to keep a constant vigil to ensure that little Katie does not devour stuff like this.

Little Katie continued on with her “fussy mussy” routine this evening. My wife decided to give her a bath and I watched over little Katie to make sure she was safe. She enjoyed the normal routine…picking up the various Winnie the Pooh plastic figurines and stuffing them into her mouth. Let’s hope that this bath calms her down.

1) Little Katie loves the sound of jet aircraft and trains.