Day #336 (Sun., Dec. 5, 2010) – Blue Netting Toy Holder

9:00am – Little Katie is in the playpen next to me and I’m on the bed paying bills. She is being a good girl, playing a bit and watching a bit of television.

2010-12-05 - Blue Netting Toy Holder
2010-12-05 - Blue Netting Toy Holder

I stopped off at Lowe’s this afternoon. I needed to get a hook and fasteners so that I could hook a netting on the wall (see photo to the right) to store some of little Katie’s toys. It has two aspects about it that we will need to take into consideration. First of all, it is only netting, so we will have to use it for toys that don’t weigh too much. The second aspect of it is that the holes in the netting where you put the toys in are not very big. This means that we will not be able to use it for toys that are too big…they just won’t fit into the holes…

Little Katie was fussy this evening so we took her for a drive. We ended up at the house off Kilarney Avenue where the guy puts on such a Christmas light show each year. We took little Katie out and walked around. She was fascinated. The owner of the house was outside so we talked to him for a bit. He said that the roof was too slippery to go up on right now, so he will finish off the display in a day or two when the weather starts to cooperate. I told him that he should have his kids selling hot chocolate outside…they would make a fortune…

This evening I cut a hole around the mat over the playyard so that the radiator could peek through. Winter is coming and we will need as much heat to reach upstairs as we possibly can. I used the exacto-knife, so we will easily be able to replace it once little Katie is grown and we decide to use this mat for something else.

1) Little Katie was fascinated with the Christmas lights this evening.