Day #342 (Sat., Dec. 11, 2010) – Lithuanian Christmas Party

My wife went to the post office this morning to mail Christmas gifts. I stayed at home and played with little Katie.

Little Katie has discovered a new game…the zipper on my sweater. It has a large clasp so she can grab on it and pull it down. Daddy will zip it up, and she will pull it down again. Rinse and repeat, repeat, repeat, etc…

While little Katie was sleeping this morning I set up two accounts for little Katie. One is a regular brokerage account, the other is an account for her College education. When saving and investing it pays to start early…and this is about as early for little Katie as you can get.

2010-12-11 - Lithuanian Santa
2010-12-11 - Lithuanian Santa

We arrived at the Lithuanian Christmas Party at 3pm. Little Katie was her usual gregarious self. She crawled around the house and examined everyone’s shoes. Just after 5pm she was getting tired, so we took her for a drive around the neighborhood. We arrived back at the party around 6pm…just in time for Santa (see photo to the left). Little Katie got a lovely Christmas book with flaps. A little later our friends from Charlotte came and we socialized a bit. Around 8pm little Katie was getting fussy so we decided to call it a night.

Both my wife and I were amazed at how social little Katie is. Looks like she is a female version of her daddy. My mother tells me that I was very social when I was growing up.

If we thought that all this excitement for little Katie today would calm her down this evening we were dead wrong. I read to her from the Christmas book she got today, my wife nursed her and put her to bed, and the “festivities” soon began. She was so wound up from all the action today that we had to take her out for a drive this evening as well! She did fall off to sleep soon after we put her in the car, but it was a car drive none-the-less…

1) Little Katie attended her first Lithuania Christmas Party today.