Day #355 (Fri., Dec. 24, 2010) – Katie’s First Flight

After only about 3-4 hours of sleep my wife and I drove to the airport. We decided to park the car in “daily parking” so it will be easy to access when we fly back to the US.

Little Katie slept on the first leg of the journey to Newark. I wished that I had the camera ready to show how soundly she was sleeping…this was not to be on the second leg of the journey. She loved grabbing the magazines out of the pouch and leafing through them (crumpling and crinking some pages in the process mind you).

On the flight into Halifax little Katie started to fuss a bit, perhaps due to her lack of sleep or her eardrums starting to “pop”…but I held her high on my lap to give her a chance to see all the people, gave her a pacifier, and all was well. She didn’t cry uncontrolably as we had feared, so we didn’t need to use the earplugs that we bought for the nearby passengers…

2010-12-24 - Christmas Book
2010-12-24 - Christmas Book

When we got to Halifax this afternoon we rented a car (i.e.: Volkswagen Passat) and the airport and proceeded to install the baby seat that we brought with us. Little Katie slept a bit more on the drive to grandma’s house.

My mother, sister, and her husband were all ready for little Katie’s arrival. There were plenty of plush animals and toys and “fun” to be had. She even got a “popout” book on “The Night Before Christmas” (see photo to the left). She warmed up quickly to them all and played with all the gifts. She seemed to especially like this dog that rolled and sang when you pushed its paw.

About 9pm little Katie was too much to handle. She is in the room with my wife and I could not sleep. After some rounds of crying we decided to pack her up and take a drive and see the sights of Truro. When we got home about 30 minutes later she was more manageable, and we all “crashed” into bed…

1) Little Katie had her first flight today.