Day #359 (Tue., Dec. 28, 2010) – Play Date

My sister has a co-worker that she has known and worked with for years. She leant us a number of baby items that made our trip so much easier. Anyway, she was baby sitting her granddaughter Bridget this afternoon and we all thought it would be nice if the two kids got together for a sort of “play date”.

2010-12-28 - Katie & Cat
2010-12-28 - Katie & Cat

We arrived around 11am and were met at the door. I didn’t think that I would join them as I have a bit of a cold, but they pursuaded me to come in. Bridget is about a year older than little Katie, and first things first, we gave her a toy wrapped in red see-through wrapping.

Little Katie enjoys meeting people her own size, and Bridget was no exception, but their two cats, Emma and Finnigan, really stole the show though. Little Katie would chase them all around the house (see photo to the left) yelling out “cat”…so she obviously knows what a cat is. We can’t remember he ever being close to a cat in real life, so she must have learned this word from the books that we read to her.

Around 12:30pm little Katie was starting to get a bit fussy, so we decided that we would go home. Quite an exciting and energetic day, our little chipmunk (and their two cats) need to rest.

Anne Murray was singing on the television tonight and little Katie was humming along. She sure loves music.

It’s nasty rain/snow/sleet mixture outside tonight. Let’s hope that little Katie doesn’t need a drive.

1) Little Katie had a “Play Date” this morning.