Day #370 (Sat., Jan. 8, 2011) – “Da Da”

Katie seems to be fascinated by strings, ropes, tapes and cords…anything that is long and can be intertwined, etc.

2011-01-08 - Biscuit Necklace
2011-01-08 - Biscuit Necklace

Katie managed to take one of her shoes off today and was putting it up along side the shoe that was on her foot. My wife tells me at this age they start to compare items and shapes. Perhaps this is what she was doing.

I’m still recovering from the pneumonia, so I don’t have a lot of strength. Sitting in Katie’s playyard and reading to her or playing with her toys is one thing I can do. This frees up my wife’s time to do homework or other things around the house.

When Katie was eating in her high chair this evening she started to yell out “Da Da”. This is the first time that I heard her say this so loud and clear. Won’t be long before she will be speaking in complete sentences.

My wife showed me the latest of Katie’s toys. A teething biscuit on the end of a shoestring (see photo to the right). She tends to soften it up with her saliva and spread it around the playyard…so at least now we will know where it is. Just follow the string…

1) Katie can yell out “Da Da” now loud and clear.