Day #373 (Tue., Jan. 11, 2011) – Katie’s Wave

9:45am – Freezing rain fell during the night so the office has a delayed opening. I’m on the bed watching the weather on television and Katie is in the crib next to me looking out the window.

2011-01-11 - Katie Finds The Toilet PaperI turned to the Animal Planet station and there were some doggies on it. Katie said “pup”…short for “puppy” I guess.

11am – I was in my LazyBoy and pointed at the television. Katie thought I was waving to her and started to wave back. This is the first time she has waved so clearly.

Take a look at the photo to the right. I had a roll of toilet paper on the table next to my lazyboy. Notice the past tense…”had”. Our little chipmunk managed to grab a hold of it without us noticing it. The photo shows the end result.

11:00pm – Katie is still up and running. She was playing with me on the bed and I wrestled with her a bit. This seems to always tire her out. Her head started to droop and it took her longer to raise it. Good sign. Time for mommy to put her to bed.

1) Katie waved back at me today.