Day #374 (Wed., Jan. 12, 2011) – Katie’s First Bracelet

Katie spent part of the afternoon reading through a Chadwick’s Catalog. My wife thinks that she is picking out a future outfit.

2011-01-12 - First Bracelet
2011-01-12 - First Bracelet

Katie had a nice long nap before I came home from work. That’s a good sign…looks like we might not need to have a drive tonight.

Katie is growing up before our eyes. She seems to grow in “spurts”. One day she will not be able to do this or that, and the next day she can. It’s hard to believe that last year at this time we had just welcomed our little girl into the world. Soon she will be off to college… Go figure…

The photo to the right shows a little plastic ring that belongs to Katie’s collection of toys. I put it around her wrist this evening and she was fascinated with it. I guess we can call this Katie’s First Bracelet.

No drive tonight…yippee!!!

1) Katie had her first bracelet today.