Day #376 (Fri., Jan. 14, 2011) – Organic Milk For Katie

I stopped off at Trader Joe’s this evening to get some yogurt and organic milk for Katie. My wife informed me that the new yogurt has a bit too much sugar, so it’s back to the original brand for Katie…

2011-01-14 - Geese On IceMy wife took Katie for a walk today…and it was chilly. The lake was iced over, and geese were walking on it (see photo to the right). Katie enjoyed getting out.

We thought that Katie might need to go for a drive this evening, but Katie fell asleep just before I arrived home.

Katie doesn’t like the organic cow’s milk very much. My wife tells me that mother’s milk is sweeter, so it will take Katie a while to get used to the cow’s version of the stuff.

1) Katie can drink organic cow’s milk now.