Day #377 (Sat., Jan. 15, 2011) – Changing A Moving Chipmunk

It’s getting harder and harder to change Katie. She just will not sit still on the changing table. Today she actually turned over on the table. Trying changing a little chipmunk when that happens.

2011-01-15 - Clean Playyard
2011-01-15 - Clean Playyard

It’s always nice to take a photo of the playyard from time to time (see photo to the left). It is a snapshot into what Katie is playing with these days. See the yellow giraffe at the bottom right of the picture? Its joints make a “clacking” sound and Katie loves it when I chase her around the playyard with it.

My wife and I and Katie went to a Mexican Restaurant for lunch today. Of course all the waitresses commented on what a beautiful baby Katie was. Katie was having great fun throwing everything that we gave her to play with on the floor. I think I’ll bring a string along the next time we go out. I can then attach it to whatever I give her. In this way I can “reel” in the object…kind of like a fish on the end of a fishing rod. At least in this way I won’t have to bend over and pick things up.

Katie was real fussy this evening so we took her for a drive to calm down. I had to miss part of the Ravens vs. Steelers football game, but at least I was able to catch a lot of it on the car radio.

Katie and I played a new game this evening. I call it “Throw the Frog And Bring It To Daddy”. I would throw the little green frog across the playyard and Katie would retrieve it and bring it to me. Of course she lost interest in this game after a while.

1) Katie enjoys “Throw The Frog And Bring It To Daddy”.