Day #400 (Mon., Feb. 7, 2011) – Katie vs. The Leaf Blowers

When Katie was having a nap this afternoon the “leaf blowers” came by to clean up our yard. They woke her up…so she only had a short nap. She ended up supervising them (at least she seems to think so).

2011-02-07 - New Shoes
2011-02-07 - New Shoes

Ah, what to post today in terms of a photo. We haven’t had many photos of shoes as of late, so how about the photo to the right? It shows two sets of shoes that my wife picked up for Katie at the consignment sale in Cary on Saturday.

Katie was a bit fussy this evening so my wife put some cut up banana in her activity station tray. She likes to feed herself, and this kept her happy for quite a while.

Katie seems bound and determined to throw all the stuff off of the little table in front of my LazyBoy chair. She did manage to throw a container of my CD’s across the floor before I could stop her.

As Katie was playing with the playyard gate this evening she fell and banged her head. Not too bad, but just enough to give her some discomfort. She came to daddy for a hug and all was fine.

1) Katie came to daddy for a comfort hug this evening.