Day #408 (Tue., Feb. 15, 2011) – A 2-Hour Stroll

The babysitter took Katie to the lake an back today. They were gone for about two hours. A nice long stroll for Katie (down to the lake then Cary Parkway and back) so that she could get some “fresh air”.

2011-02-15 - Foam Jigsaw Puzzle
2011-02-15 - Foam Jigsaw Puzzle

Katie was very relaxed and happy this evening. My wife and I think that this is because she didn’t get to play with her toys all day today. She happily visited all her toys, pushed the shopping cart up and down the hallway, and watched daddy pull the pull toy back and forth (I attached a cloth measuring tape to the handle so that it would have a longer reach).

I played a lot with Katie this evening. We have been formulating the foam jigsaw puzzles into blocks (see photo to the right). Katie loves to push the little figures into the blocks…which makes a lot of work for daddy to put them back in place.

Katie and I spent a lot of time pushing the shopping cart up and down the hallway. I’m constantly amazed at how much energy she has.

1) Katie had a 2-hour stroll down Chatham Street to Cary Parkway today.