Day #409 (Wed., Feb. 16, 2011) – Daddy’s Birthday

Daddy’s birthday today. Just before I went to work Katie was up and gave her daddy a “birthday kiss”. Ok, daddy gave Katie a birthday kiss and Katie tried to distract him.

2011-02-16 - Window View
2011-02-16 - Window View

The birthday meal for daddy is “fish & chips” from Trader Joe’s. My wife had them ready when I arrived home. Katie was in her high chair having some of the fish. She really likes fish…I think she gets that from my wife. Katie is enjoying daddy’s birthday meal as well.

Katie loves to peer out the main bedroom window. She is fascinated by the work crew that comes by to do the landscaping (see photo to the right).

We were unable to do a Skype with my mother this past weekend (just way too busy), but we did manage to do a Skype with her this evening. Katie got to show her her new skill…pushing the shopping cart down the hallway.

We played another game with Katie this evening. My wife would hold her up and point her in my direction. Katie would take a few steps and fall into my arms. I would then hold her up and point her in my wife’s direction. She would take a few steps and fall into my wife’s arms. Katie had a smile on her face throughout it all. She got a real kick out of it.

1) Katie had some fish for daddy’s birthday.