Day #412 (Sat., Feb. 19, 2011) – Zoo & Food

My wife and I have both been working so hard these past few weeks that we decided we would take today off and enjoy ourselves. This is going to be a combination “first daytrip for Katie” along with a celebration of my wife getting her “Green Card” and new job and my birthday.

2011-02-19 - Polar Bear Exhibit
2011-02-19 – Polar Bear Exhibit

Around noon we all packed into the Camry and drove to Asheboro, North Carolina to visit the North Carolina Zoo. We got a membership for a year, which means that if we come back at least two more times this year we will be saving money. Katie really liked it, so we will surely.

We saw polar bears (see photo to the right), seals, bison, black bears, grizzly bears, turtles, puffins, and otters. We will see the African section of the zoo when we come back. Katie loved seeing the animals and getting out to see all the sights in general.

For an evening meal we drove to Snyder Farm’s Restaurant for a good home-cooked meal. Everything was delish, but the fried chicken and coconut cream pie were out of this world. They had a toy train that rode on rails overhead, so I asked them to turn it on for Katie. Katie loved it!

1) Katie’s first trip to a zoo was today.