Day #415 (Tue., Feb. 22, 2011) – Katie The Night Owl

Our babysitter took today off so my wife was home with Katie. It’s amazing how much we miss her when she is away.

2011-02-22 - Crawling About
2011-02-22 - Crawling About

We have tentatively chosen a contractor to do our patio screening. I sent his information to our HOA to see if they wanted any further information. No reply as of yet.

It’s really hard to keep up with Katie these days. She can crawl almost as fast as I can walk. You can see our little chipmunk in action in the photo to the right. The big problem with her crawling around is that she likes to throw things off tables and get into any cabinets or drawers that happen to be in her way.

Katie really took to the shopping cart this evening. She never seemed to tire of pushing it back and forth down the hallway. When it was at the end of the hall she would get on the other side of it and push it backwards down the hall.

I had it around 10:00pm, but my wife tells me that Katie was up til midnight. For some reason Katie has been a “night owl” since our trip to Canada. Let’s hope that we can figure out some way to switch her back.

1) Katie has become a night owl since our trip to Canada.