Day #419 (Sat., Feb. 26, 2011) – Katie’s New Trike

7:30am and my wife went to another consignment sale in Apex this morning. She left the baby monitor beside me before she left. I can hear Katie squirming a bit in the nursery, but I think she is either just tossing and turning or playing with her toys. With those lungs of hers she will certainly let me know when she is really up…

2011-02-26 - New Trike
2011-02-26 - New Trike

My wife managed to get a number of things at the consignment sale…the chief of which was a new trike for Katie (see photo to the left).

We didn’t get a chance to Skype my mother last weekend so we had an extra long Skype session this morning. She got to see Katie riding her new trike and watching some Lawrence Welk on television.

This afternoon I drove my wife out to JC Penny’s. She has a $10 off coupon and was able to get a nice blouse for Katie for $2.00 (i.e.: $12.00 – $10.00 = $2.00). We then went to eat at Abbey Road Grill. Katie got to eat some of our gyro off of a little plate the waitress gave us. Eating at the big people table with big people food always seems to calm Katie down.

The Lawrence Welk show this evening was a 3-hour memorial tribute…too long to record on our Tivo. No problem, Katie enjoyed watching it in “real time”.

1) Katie has a new trike.