Day #420 (Sun., Feb. 27, 2011) – Katie’s First Mushroom

When I woke up this morning Katie was playing with my wife in the nursery. My wife got some balls at the consignment sale on Saturday morning that glow and flash when you drop them. They seem to fascinate Katie…and daddy as well.

2011-02-27 - Rolling Ball Toy
2011-02-27 - Rolling Ball Toy

Katie was riding on her new trike in the hallway this morning and she happened to slip off it. Not a big spill, but it startled her none-the-less. We’ll just have to watch her a bit more closely on it til she gets more of a sense of balance.

Another toy that my wife picked up at the consignment sale is shown in the photo to the right. I call it the “Rolling Ball Toy” for lack of a better name. You basically put a ball at the top end of the toy and it will roll down the track past various obstacles and end up in the bowl shown in the lower-right portion of the photo. I thought Katie would like it more than she does. Oh well, maybe she will grow into it.

I made breakfast this morning and Katie, always interested in eating “big people food”, had some mushrooms. This was the first time she had a mushroom.

We interviewed our 2nd babysitter this afternoon. She raised three boys, two of which were identical twins. Katie stared at her in the beginning (which is her norm), but eventually warmed up and ran up to her to get a hug. She will be starting tomorrow, so we are very excited.

Today my wife was feeding Katie from a baby food jar and Katie put the lid on and took it off about 20 times.

We were watching a bit of Lawrence Welk again tonight (after Katie got tired of the Oscar coverage). There is a portion of a segment in which Bobby and Cissy are dancing in which there is a little organ or something that goes “Doot doot doot da doot doot da doot”. Katie started to mimic the sound of it. We know this because she was silent until it started to play. I replayed it a number of times and her reaction was the same in each case.

1) Katie’s 2nd babysitter was interviewed today.