Day #426 (Sat., Mar. 5, 2011) – I Want Your Jacket!

The patio building contractor arrived at 9am this morning. He measured our deck and asked a few questions. He said that he will get back to us regarding the final estimate amount. It would be real nice to be able to go out on the patio this year and not have the heat bake us and the bugs eat us…

2011-03-05 - Sand Grabber
2011-03-05 - Sand Grabber

This afternoon we went to a kids park down the road that has a dinosaur theme. Katie got to swing in the swings and try out the slide. There was a toy fridge there with cabinets that she could open and close, and lots of area to roam around. There was also a sandbox area with some metal sand grabbers (see photo to the right) that you could use to grab up some sand and move it. I demonstrated for Katie…but she was not overly enthused. Guess she won’t be a construction worker when she grows up…

While at the park Katie met a boy who is only a couple of months older than her. He had big brown eyes and was quite friendly. Katie really liked him, but he…not so much. He was a bit shy. After seeing him for quite a while crawled up to him but he was not too interested in associating with girls and walked away. Katie crawled right back to him and grabbed him by the jacket. Both my wife and I and his parents thought it was quite cute. Did Katie like him, or was it his jacket?

My wife had an exercise band tied to one leg of the couch. I tied the other end of the band to a little cloth bucket that Katie plays with. I pulled it back and then released it. Katie got a great kick out of watching it spring back. She laughed and laughed. She also really enjoyed this clip of a baby laughing that we found on YouTube.

1) Katie had a trip to a dinosaur theme park today.