Day #431 (Thu., Mar. 10, 2011) – Dragon Naturally Speaking

My wife told me that Katie fed her some bananas this morning piece by piece. It’s simple amazing to watch her in action.

2011-03-10 - Dragon Naturally SpeakingI received some software in the mail today from Amazon that should make entering comments into this baby comments website a lot easier. In fact, I am using this software now. It is called Dragon naturally speaking (see photo to the left) and it is simply amazing. I just speak into the microphone, and it recognizes my voice and what I am saying, and translates this into written words. As we all know, it is much quicker to speak than it is to type, so this should save quite a bit of time as I update this blog on a daily basis.

We are so thankful for our current babysitter. She is such a hard worker and Katie loves her. As a sign of our appreciation we thought that we would give her a gift. My wife picked out this lovely teapot that we gave her today. We were going to give it on Friday along with her paycheck, but we just could not wait. She was so appreciative of it. She said that she had been wanting to get a teapot for quite some time…now she doesn’t need to bother.

1) Katie fed my wife banana this morning.