Day #432 (Fri., Mar. 11, 2011) – The Inflatable Dinosaur

When Katie heard the babysitter coming this afternoon she gave that smile she gives when she is happy. She really likes our new babysitter. The babysitter will play with her and the other day, when it was raining, she took her to the window to see what was going on outdoors. She is fascinated that Katie loves books so much.

2011-03-11 - Deflated DinosaurWe bought this plastic inflatable dinosaur from the Dollar Store a few weeks ago. Katie loves it when I deflate it then blow it up again. The other day I saw her try to blow air into its mouth. She hasn’t quite figured out that there is only one input valve. You can see a photo of it to the right…looks like it is in need of a good “blow up”…

We went to Moe’s for dinner tonight. Katie was talking and pointing as usual. My wife gave her some beans out of her burrito, and Katie really liked them. It’s good that she was in the high chair or she would be crawling over to test the food off of everyone’s plate.

I gave Katie some of Moe’s little plastic cups that people put salsa in. She likes to stack them and munch on the corners. Eventually they get so munched that it’s hard to stack them, but they provide a bit of entertainment for a while.

A friend of my wife’s said that from 19-24 months is the time period that children are extremely cute. Katie will be reaching this timeframe pretty soon. We think that she is extremely cute right now.

1) Katie likes to play with Moe’s Salsa Cups.