Day #438 (Thu., Mar. 17, 2011) – 2nd St. Patrick’s Day

For some reason Katie could not sleep this morning. My wife brought her into the bedroom to see me…but daddy has to go to work to put cheerios on the table.

It’s Katie’s 2nd St. Patrick’s Day today. I see she has a little bit of green on her onesie…I guess that will have to do.

2011-03-17 - Dr. Seuss

My wife told me that the babysitter took Katie to the playground today and they came across a dog. When the lady who owned the dog started to walk away Katie started to cry. She was taking her doggie friend away. I guess she even apologized to Katie for having to leave.

The photo to the right shows a selection of Dr. Seuss books that my wife bought for Katie. I had “Go Dog Go” and “Green Eggs and Ham” when I was growing up. A neighbor had “Cat In The Hat”. I read Katie the “Go Dog Go” book before she went to bed this evening.

7:00pm – Katie is in the playpen next to the bed in our bedroom. She is screaming out the window…not sure why. Oh, a truck just drove by…she has calmed down. She’s examining it…why is it here, where is it going…you know…all those questions a good manager has to ask.

Katie was quietly playing in the playyard this evening when she emerged with three of the figures from the foam puzzles we bought her a while back. She was almost successful in standing up with them in her hands and without the aid of a wall or support. She has never done that before.

1) Katie tried to stand up without a support this evening.