Day #439 (Fri., Mar. 18, 2011) – Bring On The Fish Oil!!!

I put the three air conditioning units in the window sills this evening. That will free up a bit of room in our garage to move around.

2011-03-18 - Fish OilKatie loves her fish oil (see photo to the left). It is strawberry in flavor and whenever she she’s my wife coming with it it’s “Mouth Wide Open” time…

Here’s an interesting exercise. My wife and I were discussing those foods that Katie likes the most. Here’s the list in the order of those foods she loves the most to those foods she likes the least. NOTE: Those foods marked with an * are those that Katie can ask for specifically. She just points at them and yells…

01) cheerios*
02) cookies
03) fish
04) black beans
05) peas
06) banana*
07) avocado
08) apple*
09) yogurt
10) cheese
11) goat’s milk
12) chicken
13) buckwheat
14) oatmeal
15) cottage cheese
16) sweet potato
17) baby food

8:12pm and Katie is still sleeping… This means that when she gets up from her nap she will be up til midnight…at least…

1) Katie sure loves her fish oil.