Day #440 (Sat., Mar. 19, 2011) – Two Bath Night

My wife went to a consignment sale at a church in Apex this morning, plus some baby clothes shopping as well. She left the baby monitor in the bedroom but Katie slept til about 10:30am. When she got up we played a bit (she is fascinated with the air conditioner I put in yesterday).

2011-03-19 - Party DressThe “Joy of Painting” came on television this afternoon and Katie was mesmerized. The guy takes care of orphan squirrels and things and when he showed a couple of them that only heightened her fascination. Maybe she will be a painter one day…or a vet…

The photo to the right shows a lovely party dress that my wife picked up for Katie. They are planning on having a cookout one Saturday at work and we think he might wear it.

Katie had to have two baths tonight. We usually give her a bath after she has soiled herself so bad she needs it. She needed two baths tonight so I’ll let your imagination run wild with the exciting evening we had.

There was a bluegrass special on PBS this evening and Katie was fascinated with this show as well. She had never heard that type of music before. No more Lawrence Welk…I guess we will have to keep the older episodes that Katie enjoys so much.

1) Katie enjoys the “Joy of Painting” show.