Day #459 (Thu., Apr. 7, 2011) – House By The Lake

On the way to work this morning I happened to see a house for sale by a lake. On the way back from work this evening I stopped off to see it in greater detail. When I got home I mentioned it to my wife and she looked it up online via the URL I got from the sign on the front lawn. They want $130,000…. Hmmm…why so cheap? We decided to take a drive to see it. So…we bundled Katie up and off we went…

This house is in a real convenient location…just off Harrison and down the road from Highway #40. It is central to most of the things that my wife and I want to get to, and what more can I say “It is a house on the lake”. It looks like it has been abandoned for a while…I bet the owner got a job in another city and is real motivated to get rid of it.

2011-04-07 - Floor CheeriosOn the drive home Katie started to get fussy. She sure has a loud irritating scream and whine when she is uncomfortable or fussy. I turned the light inside the car on hoping that it would calm her down…but to no avail.

The photo to the left shows some “Floor Cheerios”…one of Katie’s favorite foods. Regular cheerios taste so much better when they are mixed with stuff off the floor. Yumm…

Later this evening my wife did some more investigation of the house we looked at this evening. It looks like it has no air conditioning, and we did notice that it doesn’t have a garage. The listing says that they have a verbal agreement to sell it. It was a good exercise, but we are thinking that we will do a bit more research and wait til she graduates before we move.

1) Katie can sure scream!