Day #31 (Wed., Feb. 3, 2010) – Packages From Home

Little Katie seems to like the sound machine that is on the Graco “Pack ‘n Play”. Sometimes if she is fussy and won’t sleep it helps to calm her down.

2010-01-03 - Package
2010-01-03 - Package From Home

The snow and ice finally melted enough that we could get out and about today. I picked up the package my mother mailed to us, and my wife got the package that her mother had sent to us, so it was a busy day in the mail department. Take a look at the condition of the package from my mother. Is there any wonder why the Post Office is having financial problems given this TLC?

Both of the packages were loaded with clothes and other goodies for little Katie. I will post some pictures of the goodies as time permits.

9:17pm and little Katie is into “staring mode”. She sometimes get into this mode where she just stares at my wife for minutes and minutes. No real expression, just an intense look of “what’s going on”.

We also notice that she loves to stare at lights. There is a lamp on the nightstand next to my wife that she is fascinated with. She is also interested in the adjustable lamp near my side of the bed. The light that streams in from the outside when she is being changed seems to provide no end of interest.

1) Pack your packages well if you want them to survive.