Day #41 (Sat., Feb. 13, 2010) – New Snow

Little Katie is sleeping right now. A new layer of dusty snow is ready to greet her when she awakes…

2010-02-13 - New Snow
2010-02-13 - New Snow

10:41am – Little Katie is up and about. She is looking out the window at the new fallen snow and is so excited. I think the contrasting colors between the dark trees and the light snow is very pleasing on her eyes.

Little Katie weighed in at 11 lbs 10 oz this morning.

3:50pm – My wife and I are “trying” to watch the ski jumping on tv, but little Katie has other ideas. She is in the bouncy seat right now “blowing bubbles”. My wife said she read that that do this at about 6-7 weeks.

It’s after midnight…technically Sunday the 14th and not Saturday the 13th, but since my wife and I are still up trying to get little Katie to calm down and go to bed…it’s Saturday the 13th to us. She seems to get her “second wind” in the evening and to her it is “time to party”. Poor ole’ mom and dad are having a hard time keeping up with her. She’s in bed now…let’s hope that this trip to bedtime “takes”…

1) Little Katie likes to party in the evenings…