Day #44 (Tue., Feb. 16, 2010) – First Time Bottle Feeding

I had to drive my wife to an appointment this afternoon so I was left in charge of little Katie for about 2 hours. I was equipped for all inevitabilities. With diaper bag and fresh bottled milk I was ready to face the future.

2010-02-16 - Empty Bottle
2010-02-16 - Empty Bottle

After dropping my wife off I parked the car in a nearby parking lot waiting for little Katie to wake up and the action to begin. The first step in the process I find is to start the car and drive off. The gently rocking and swaying of the automobile tends to soothe her and cause her to drift off to sleep. I’m happy to say that this approach worked for the next two hours. Little Katie would grumble a bit, then the engine would start, and we were off.

After picking my wife up little Katie could no longer contain herself. She was hungry, and now was the time to try out that bottled milk. We had it packed anyway, so why not experiment. We were worried that the milk would be too cold, so we brought a warmer, and we were worried that she would not like the nipple on the bottle, but she took to it like a duck to water. She was a bit grumpy afterwards as she wanted some more milk, but I had the solution. On went the car engine and off we went…

After a bit more driving my wife and I decided to stop off at a restaurant for lunch. Little Katie was very good for the most part, but towards the end of the meal she started to fuss a bit. The circular motion of the overhead fan no longer amused her. We quickly finished out meal and were out the door. Funny…I never thought I would be the one with the crying baby in the restaurant. I’m still sensitive to the fact that other people have paid good money for a nice meal in a relaxing setting. As a result, I’m mindful to do what I can to quiet the child, or remove her from the premise…

This was also little Katie’s first visit to Trader Joe’s. We had one cart for little Katie and one cart for our groceries. Wonder how much they are going to charge us for little Katie when we check out?

1) Little Katie enjoys the bottle!