Day #46 (Thu., Feb. 18, 2010) – Curly Brown Hair?

My wife and I were noticing that little Katie is starting to get hair…a bit of “fuzz on the top”. She said that she didn’t have hair til she was one year old so she must be getting my hair. When I was growing up women used to rave about my naturally curly brown hair…too bad it’s gone now…

2010-02-18 - Stroller Thermometer
2010-02-18 - Stroller Thermometer

I see what my wife is saying about little Katie starting to stand up. I was lifting her up and let her feet touch the bed. She started to support herself by her legs.

We notice that little Katie doesn’t like to be cuddled or rocked in our arms just before she falls asleep. She would much rather be lying on her back on the bed and looking up at the world as long as we are nearby.

Little Katie just had her early morning breakfast and is starting to fall sleep. She is sitting on my wife’s lap and my wife is supporting her with her hands. My wife tells me that she has never seen a child that can fall asleep in this position.

Another stroll around the neighborhood for little Katie today. What a great little stroller we have. It even has a thermometer (shown in the photo to the right) so we know the correct temperature. There is nothing like a “real time” temperature reading to let you know if you should be “putting clothes on” or “taking clothes off” little Katie…

1) Hmmm…will little Katie have curly brown hair?