Day #47 (Fri., Feb. 19, 2010) – Sleeping For Hours

Little Katie slept from 11:30pm to just after 5:15am this morning. She is sleeping longer and longer each night and my wife and I could not be happier… 🙂

I’m taking care of little Katie right now. She is lying down on the bed next to me and kicking me with her
feet. She’s getting quite a strong set of legs on her. Maybe she will be a high jumper one day?

2010-02-19 - German Shephard
2010-02-19 - German Shepherd

Another day another stroll. This time little Katie explored the road in front of our house in the other direction. We passed an animal hospital and a daycare center. Who knows, perhaps little Katie will be going to this day care center one day. They had a toy shopping cart where you can pick up toy produce and wheel it around the yard. I can see little Katie doing that now.

My wife and I went to another restaurant this evening and little Katie was on such good behavior. She examined the surroundings and promptly fell asleep. My wife and I got the chance to have a nice relaxing meal. We then drove around the neighborhood and saw the sights. Little Katie examined her surroundings once again, and then promptly fell asleep.

We saw a German Shepherd Dog as we drove around the neighborhood. My wife loves German Shepherd dogs. I wouldn’t mind having a dog either. There will probably come a point in time where little Katie will be begging us to get one.

1) Little Katie is sleeping for hours at a time these days.
2) Due to point #1, my wife and I are sleeping for hours at a time these days.