Day #48 (Sat., Feb. 20, 2010) – Mommy’s Out

Little Katie fell asleep by herself at 10pm last night. By this I mean we didn’t have to rock her, or hold her in our arms, or provide any other sort of encouragement. 3am and little Katie has just finished her “early morning” feed. Back to bed…sweet dreams…

My wife went to a sale for baby toys this morning, so I stayed home with little Katie. She showed me how to work the bottle warmer last night…so it’s just “Katie and Me” for a while. I woke up to the sound of crying and my wife had already left. After changing Katie (twice mind you) I warmed up the bottle in the warmer and got to work. We were thinking that she might take the bottle better in the bouncy seat, but that was not to be. I rocked her in my arms and gave her the bottle and things went like a charm, til…

I remembered that sometimes little Katie will stop nursing and then after you burp her she wants to nurse some more. So I got the bright idea that I would stop her when only 1/4 of the milk was left and try to burp her. Well the burping went fine, but she would not take the bottle again after that. I thought it might have cooled down so I warmed the bottle again in the warmer…no luck. I thought that maybe I should tickle the roof of her mouth…strike two. Maybe the flying chipmunk? No…one more try…my secret weapon…the lamp. Ah, that did the trick, at least for a while, but she was not totally content.

Then the Calvary came to the rescue. Mommy is home!!! Little Katie looked so excited…kind of like a kid who hears the bell of the ice cream truck when it enters your neighborhood. Trouble is, the ice cream truck is circling to block and not stopping in front of their house… A bit more fussing.

I had a chat with my wife and she said it is better to let her keep eating while she wants to, so I learned my lesson. At least little Katie had enough milk so she will not starve…that’s kind of comforting. We thought we would try the other bottle nipple, but little Katie was having nothing to do with it. Why settle for a laminate floor when you can have true hardwood. We tried this, then that, then this again, then…ta da…little Katie finished off the bottle. My wife said that she read babies sometimes play with the nipple for a while before they eat, so that’s lesson #2.

2010-02-20 - Mexican Restaurant
2010-02-20 - Mexican Restaurant

My wife showed me all the great things she bought. Lovely dresses for little Katie, and toys and baby books. What a great deal.

9:24am – Little Katie is so excited…the milk truck has stopped circling the block and has stopped in front of our house… Bliss baby, bliss…

Another stroll around the lake for little Katie this afternoon. My wife and I then decided that we would go to a restaurant with baby in tow. She behaved famously. The decor of the restaurant was so beautiful that I just had to snap a photo to share with you.

With our bellies full we decided we would go for a drive around the city. Once again, little Katie tagged along and had a nice nap in the back seat of the car.

1) If little Katie takes the bottle…don’t stop feeding…
2) Sometimes babies will play with the bottle nipple before feeding.
3) The “Adjustable Lamp” to the rescue once again…