Day #49 (Sun., Feb. 21, 2010) – A Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful day today was! It 65 degrees outside (according to the news), but according to our little stroller thermometer it topped at 71 degrees! We took little Katie outside to enjoy the fresh air and soak up the sun. We did see some snow in piles along the curbs as it struggled to survive, but with warm days like this, its days are numbered…

2010-02-21 - The Lake
2010-02-21 - The Lake

I’ve written a number of times about the lake across from where we live. Well, this is true, but there is an even bigger lake down the road. Do you remember me mentioning the playground in one of my posts? Well, this larger lake is a bit past that. There are places where you can rent boats an picnic tables for people to enjoy a nice Sunday meal. Little Katie slept through the whole thing. We can envision the day that we will hold her back from chasing the ducks. Not today…she is counting sheep…

Little Katie’s hair is starting to grow more and more. She does have a bit of a “bald” spot (or probably more appropriately an area of thin hair) on the back of her head. My wife says that this is because when she sleeps, she puts a lot of pressure on this particular area.

What in the world is the deal with that adjustable lamp? Little Katie cannot seem to take her eyes off it. Sometimes she will let out this enthusiastic “cooo” like she is greeting an old friend from a past life…

1) Little Katie has a “bald spot” (actually an area of thin hair).