Day #701 (Mon., Dec 5, 2011) – The House Off Warren Avenue

I took Katie to the playground near Lochmere today. There were a lot of kids there… I talked to one of the ladies who said that their pre-school at Lutheran Resurrection just got out and the parents and children sometimes congregate at this playground to chat and let their kids play. We got talking about Christmas decorations and I told her off the “Big 3” in the area. Namely:

1) Off Hawks’ Nest. The most plastic. Santa comes out on December 23 & 24 – 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

2) Corner of Hwy #55 & High House. The largest front yard you can run around on. Easy parking.

3) Penny Road. The most elaborate display. No place to park and fenced off so kids cannot get on the yard.

I was thinking that a great idea would be to create a little map of these decorations and pass them out to those people that are interested.

Tonight we decided that we would take Katie to Moe’s. She hasn’t been there in a while. We could see the Christmas lights on the way home. Katie wanted to sit in the booth near the door. She loves to run around Moe’s so you have to keep an eye on her once you let her down. A man who was leaving said that she had the most beautiful cheeks on a baby he has ever seen.

2011-12-05 - Christmas Lights
2011-12-05 - Christmas Lights

On the way home we stopped past a house off Warren Avenue in downtown Cary. In actuality there are two houses right beside each other and they always have a great display of Halloween and Christmas decorations (see photo to the left).

One of the houses had “Ho Ho Ho” written on the roof while the other had a display of Santa’s sleigh and reindeer. I think that this display might be the highest concentration of Christmas ornaments that we have seen so far. Like the guy on Hawk’s Nest would say though… “Nobody has more plastic than I do”.

1) We took Katie to see the Christmas decorations off Warren Avenue this evening.