Day #709 (Tue., Dec 13, 2011) – “Home Momma”

Katie is acting very strange today. My wife told me that she took her for a stroll and she usually loves them. Today she was fussy and crying and wanted to go home.

2011-12-13 - Katie On A Rig
2011-12-13 - Katie On A Rig

I took Katie to the playground near Lochmere this evening and the first thing she did was run over to where the trucks and construction workers were. She was fascinated with the various types of equipment (see photo to the left) and one of the workers let her sit on a small front-end loader. I took her picture and she looked like she just loved the experience.

Once we managed to work our way back to the park she played in the swing for a while and I showed her how to make a sand castle by filling a bucket with sand and turning it upside down. She would laugh and point at it til it fell down. We then started the process of searching for acorns and organizing them on the bench.

All of a sudden, when Katie was running around she turned around and with her arms held up to me she said “Home Momma”. It was still light outside so I couldn’t believe my ears…so I asked her if this is really what she wanted. She again said “Home Momma”. So, I packed her in the car and took her home.

It’s 9:23pm and Katie is watching a commercial on television for “Alvin And The Chipmunks – Chipwrecked”. She laughs and giggles at this so we will probably have to take her to it at some point. It is coming out on December 16th…but will probably be at the “Cheapie Theatre” in a couple of weeks.

1) Katie got to sit on a front-end loader today.