Day #711 (Thu., Dec 15, 2011) – Katie’s First “Coin-Operated” Car

My wife gave Katie some chicken and vegetables this evening and Katie said “piece of chicken”. She is gradually incorporating longer sentences into her speech.

This evening my wife wanted to pick up a black skirt for graduation on Sunday so we all went to the Cary Mall. While my wife shopped I tended to Katie. First stop…the merry-go-round. Katie would press her cheek up to the fence so I figured I had better take her for a ride…the only question was…could I get her off?

The answer is: No Problem. As soon as the ride was over and the lady opened the gate Katie ran out and down the mall hallway. She had a mission on her mind…”Find Momma”. For some reason she was able to navigate to the entrance of JC Penney. I’m not sure how she found it. Perhaps my wife took her there before or perhaps she has an internal guidance system. Anyway, out of Macy’s and all the other stores at the mall we went inside JC Penney…

2011-12-15 - Coin-Operated Car
2011-12-15 - Coin-Operated Car

We never did “Find Momma” so we ended up strolling around the mall and seeing all the sights. Katie especially liked the huge “bungy cord” ride that kids were bouncing up and down in the air. This ride was a bit too advanced for someone of Katie’s age so I put her on one of the “ride-em” cars (see photo to the right). Cost $1.00 and it was supposed to be for kids 3+ years old, but Katie sure enjoyed it… I watched her to make sure she was safe.

Eventually momma finished her shopping and came to see us as the merry-go-round. We decided to take Katie on it one last time before we left, but Katie didn’t enjoy it in the least. I took pictures from the side while my wife held her on the horse. Katie squirmed and squirmed til she got off the horse. I have never seen a kid try to get off a merry-go-round before… Perhaps she just wants to go home…

1) Katie had her first ride in a “coin-operated” car today.