Day #717 (Wed., Dec 21, 2011) – Peeling Paper Off Crayons

2011-12-21 - Katie And Her Cards
2011-12-21 - Katie And Her Cards

Katie is sitting in front of me peeling the paper off a crayon. Her manual dexterity is getting better and better as she grows older.

No park time for Katie today as it was raining outside all day long. No problem…Katie will have more time to “destroy the house” this way. The photo to the left shows her playing with her cards.

Remember that battery-operated Christmas tree that plays songs when you tap it on the star? Well we have it out again this year. I happened to show Katie how you could put it on your head and effectively make a hat out of it…now she is doing the same.

1) Katie has learned to peel the paper off her crayons.