Day #724 (Wed., Dec 28, 2011) – Basketball Hoop Is Up

2011-12-28 - Basketball Stand
2011-12-28 - Basketball Stand

Off to Trader Joe’s this morning to get some goat’s milk for Katie. They were out of it so I ended up going to Whole Foods.

My wife took Katie to Bond Park this afternoon. Katie saw the duckies and then a big black lab (which Katie kissed…then the dog returned the favor). She saw some kids on the monkey bars and said “Whoo Whoo Haaa Haaa” (like a monkey would). She wanted to play on them but my wife had to hold her as she is a bit too young yet.

I set up the basketball hoop that Katie got for Christmas today (see photo to the right). It needs some sand in the base to stabilize it, but that would make it difficult to move so we will wait til later to do this. It is stable enough for Katie at this young age. We threw a few “hoops” but I think it will take a while before Katie really gets the hang of it.

It is possible that another growth spurt is coming because Katie ate like crazy…which is not very common. She eventually went to bed at 8pm. Too much to hope that she will sleep through the night. The odds on favorite is that she will be up in 2 hours.

1) Katie kissed a black labrador retriever today.