Day #752 (Wed., Jan. 25, 2012) – Pen Working … Pen Not Working

2012-01-25 - Coats
2012-01-25 - Coats

Thought I would take the time to show some of the nice coats (see photo to the right) that my wife got at the consignment sale on the weekend.

The weather has been so bad as of late work on the baby doll crib has taken a back burner. I need sunny weather so that I can paint it outside and let the sun dry it. Who wants to have paint fumes indoors.
Katie was so excited that Ramona took her to the park today.

Katie took two of her sleeping sacks and gave one to Ramona and said “One for you” and then gave one to my wife and said “One for you”.

Katie was playing with a pen this evening and figured out that by pushing the button on the top the pen would write and by pushing it again the pen would not write. Quite the trick.

1) Katie has learned to make a pen work.